Our Artisans

The items in our stores are handmade by artisans, 70% of whom are women, from over 45 developing countries across the globe. Marketing their beautiful handmade items at Plowsharing provides vital income for these people, income that is used to put food on the table, to provide healthcare, and to clothe and educate children. We are committed to practicing Fair Trade, which means that we work to ensure that artisans receive a fair wage for the work that they do.

As an example of what it means to be fair trade, in 2016, Serrv, one of our major vendors reported that along with working closely with 25 fair trade artisan and farmer organizations in 55 countries, they 
-funded a community school run by Tara Projects in a Delhi slum that serves more than 60 students, mostly girls
-helped refurbish a rural school for 200 children in Nepal that was rebuilt after the 2015 earthquakes.
-sent emergency relief to artisans with their partner CAH in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. 
-helped partner CCAP in the Philippines run workshops on product design, legal rights, children's rights, product costing, and more. 
-provided tuition for the children of the employees of Turqle Trading in South Africa
And much more. 
Find the full report at http://email.serrv.org/public/viewmessage/html/24714/3agujsl4imnntjmgsne0tf5tcl59d