World Fair Trade Day, Saturday, May 19th

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Plowsharing will once again be celebrating this Saturday with many other Fair Traders, including our artisan partners, the principles that unite us in this cause. Fair wages, protecting cultural identity, environmental stewardship, promoting transparency in our economic activities, and ensuring the rights of children are some, but not all, of the principles that guide us as an organization.

One of the things Plowsharing has done over the years is invite our customers to participate in the Fair Trade Quiz on this day. You are challenged to figure out the answers to four different questions about Fair Trade, and for your hard work and perseverance, we give you 25% off any one item that day. And I think describing it as hard work and perseverance is a bit of an overstatement, because we provide the answers in places around the store. So, come on folks, really?! This quiz was made to be taken advantage of.

But, in all seriousness and reality, and we do take our mission seriously, the work of Fair Trade stores like Plowsharing is important in the lives of thousands of artisans throughout the developing world, and we want you to celebrate with us.

So come on in this Saturday, do the quiz, learn a little, and come away with the knowledge that your purchase has made an impact on someone in a different part of the world. See you in the store!

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