Good Paper Cards

Plowsharing is known for having great gifts, jewelry, and home décor, but have you ever checked out our cards? We have a large variety of greeting cards, good for almost any occasion. Each one is a beautiful, handmade piece of art that shows heartfelt appreciation for the people who receive them. Many of them have sweet or serious messages, but many of them are downright hilarious! So really, whatever message you are looking for, we have the perfect handmade card for you.

However, what really is amazing about the cards we carry is the story behind them. Most of our cards come from a vendor called Good Paper, and Good Paper works with women who have escaped sex trafficking in The Philippines,  and young adults who have been orphaned by the conflicts in Rwanda.

Gelyn, a Good Paper card maker from The Philippines, originally moved to Manila in 1989 seeking a better life. Due to poor economic conditions, she was struggling to put food on the table. Eventually, Gelyn had no choice but to enter prostitution. When she began working for Good Paper in 2010, she was able to leave that life behind. She is now able to make a living wage, enabling her to feed herself and her children, put her children through school, and save for the future. She has found friends with similar stories among her fellow card makers and they care for each other and recover together.

In addition to artisans in The Philippines Good Paper also works with card makers in Rwanda who have been orphaned by disease or conflict. One such card maker, Yvette, was orphaned by the Rwandan Genocide. She and her two sisters were forced to drop out of school and search for work. They ate once a day, or not at all, and struggled to find clothing. Now that Yvette works for Good Paper she earns a living wage, which enables her to rent a house, eat a balanced diet, and make plans for her future. She dreams of one day starting her own sustainable business like Good Paper.

Good Paper cards are the perfect example of spreading love full circle, from their production to the moment you watch your loved one open their beautiful handmade card!

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